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Excelitas Technologies has been delivering high-performance optoelectronics solutions to OEMs worldwide for many years.

Excelitas Technologies was spun out of PerkinElmer’s Environmental Health business unit and today, is an independent company owned by leading private equity firm, Veritas Capital. The announcement of the completion of the purchase of the business by Veritas Capital took place on November 29, 2010.

Excelitas Technologies was previously known in the industry as EG&G. The company was formally incorporated in 1947 as Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier, Inc. by MIT professor Harold Edgerton, a pioneer in high-speed photography and his partners, Kenneth Germeshausen, a pioneer in high energy switching devices and Herbert Grier, a leader in the field of nuclear testing.

The founders' legacy was grounded in high-performance technology solutions and pioneering innovations and that is carried into Excelitas Technologies today.



In November 2013, Excelitas acquired Lumen Dynamics, a leader and volume manufacturer of lamp and LED-based UV curing and fluorescence illumination systems.

In October 2013, Excelitas acquired Qioptiq, a privately-held company specializing in the design and manufacture of photonic products and solutions for a wide range of markets and applications.
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In September 2012, Excelitas acquired Kaiser Systems Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of custom, high voltage (HV) power systems for medical, industrial, and safety and security applications.

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In March 2012, Excelitas acquired Carsan Engineering, an engineering design company and world leader in the manufacture of arc lamp power supplies for the medical and dental markets.

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In November 2010, Excelitas Technologies was formed. Spun out of PerkinElmer, it is now an independent company owned by Veritas Capital.


In 2009, the company acquired Opto Technology, Inc., a provider of custom LED-based lighting components and subsystems.


The company acquired VaConics Lighting, a producer of high-intensity Xenon arc lamps with strong expertise and product depth in medical lighting.


PerkinElmer Optoelectronics acquired ELCOS AG, a European manufacturer of LED-based solutions.


The non-government side of EG&G purchased the Analytical Instruments division of PerkinElmer and assumed the PerkinElmer name.


Acquired Lumen Technologies including ORC, ILC and Hanovia Lighting. Added key technologies including: Xenon lighting, flash lamps, electroform reflectors and aerospace qualified lighting.


Acquired Heimann Optoelectronics, provider of state–of- the- art flash lamps, photocells, thermopiles, and pyroelectric detectors.


Acquired GE/RCA’s Electro-Optics Division, inventor of the Silicon Avalanche Photodiode and other high-performance solid-state detectors and laser emitters.


Acquired Vactec, an innovator in low-cost photodiodes and photocells.


Acquired Reticon, a leader in CCD Imaging.


EG&G incorporated to further Electro-Optic R&D.


Edgerton received the Medal of Freedom from the War Department in recognition of his efforts to develop strobe lamp technology powerful enough for aerial nighttime photography.


Sports photography revolutionized by Edgerton's flash lamp and stroboscope technologies.


Perfected multi-flash photography of athletes.


The company was started-up in a garage in Boston by MIT professors Dr. Harold Edgerton, Dr. Kenneth F. Germeshausen, and later joined by Dr. Herbert E. Grier.