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AC-DC Rectifiers

NOTE: This page is no longer active. Please visit our High Reliability Power Supplies page for more information on our full suite of power supplies and systems.

AC-DC Rectifiers

Excelitas is a recognized industry leader in providing power solutions for the most demanding Defense and industry environments. We provide a full range of AC – DC rectification capabilities and custom solutions:

  • TRU / Lightweight TRU: Multiphase transformer-rectifier units convert three-phase power to bulk DC while reducing line current harmonics to less than 3%. 50/60 Hz versions for naval and ground applications. Lightweight 400/800 Hz versions for airborne applications. Power ratings from 1 kW.
  • 3 Phase Power Factor Correction: An all-electronic alternative to TRUs, providing higher packing density and lighter weight. 5 kW modules may paralleled to provide higher output power.
  • High Power: Very efficient, simple and light-weight rectifiers to converter three-phase input power to bulk DC power. Typically rated 50 kW and up.
  • Off-line Switchers: A full range of switch-mode power supplies ranging from 100 watts to 5000 watts, with or without power factor correction. Topologies used are flyback, forward converter, half-bridge or full bridge, depending on output power. Single or multiple outputs. Fully ruggedized and very high packing density.
  • Custom AC-DC Solutions: Excelitas is happy to review your custom specification and propose an innovative and cost-effective solution. Excelitas excels at high-density packaging in unusual shapes.
  • Radiation Hardening: Excelitas is experienced in designing for survival in natural and man-made radiation environments.
  • Build to Print: Excelitas can support your build to print needs. Excelitas Power Systems’ lean production can provide you the low cost you desire, but with the high levels of quality and service required for your product. As power solutions experts, we can offer you the better value than general assembly and subsystems manufacturers. Throughout the life cycle of the product, Excelitas will provide the highest levels of service through our lean, AS9100B certified production facility and dedicated in-house Depot support team.

Excelitas is keeping our troops safe by supporting many critical Defense applications and programs including:

  • Communication, Navigation & Identification (CNI) Systems - F-22, various
  • Missile Systems – Javelin, BAT
  • Countermeasure Systems – Blackhawk, various
  • GPS – F-18, various
  • Radar Systems – JLENS, Aegis
  • Engine Control Systems - DDG
  • Illumination Systems – various
  • Fire Control Systems - VLS

Excelitas Power Systems meet the highest industry performance standards:

  • Quality: AS9100B:ISO09001:2008; ISO14001
  • Continuous Improvement: Lean & 6 Sigma
  • Solder & Workmanship: J-Std-001 & IPC-610
  • ESD Controls: Mil Std 1686
  • Environmental Health & Safety: OHSAS 18001:2007; ISO 14001:2004
  • Commercial Aircraft Electrical Standards: DO 160