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White, High CRI ACULED® For Medical
OEM Applications


Excelitas’ newest “White” ACULED® Model, based on the superior ACULED platform, contains four separately-addressable LED chips. The standard ACULED Model R3C6 comes with Warm-white, Cool-white, Red, and Cyan LED dice. It provides a variety of benefits tailored specifically for medical OEM applications including surgical operating room lighting, dental operatory lighting, and examination lighting:

  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • High R9 Value, an indication of how well the light shows deep, saturated shades of red
  • Widely tunable CCT from 3500 oK to 5500 oK
  • 4-chip design
  • Independent control of the drive current of each chip, allowing movement along Planckian black body line
  • Distance to Plankian locus is close
  • Superior Color Mixing
  • Excellent thermal properties, advantageous for high-performance applications
  • Near-Lambertian emission

Read the Press Release announcing Excelitas’ Newest High CRI, High R9 “White” ACULED for Medical OEM Applications.

Download the “White” ACULED Model R3C6 datasheet

Excelitas offers a variety of design-your-own (DYO) chip combinations, one of the hallmarks of the ACULED platform. There are a variety of possibilities for medical applications, depending upon the combination of CCT, lumen output, CRI and R9 needed.

Contact Excelitas Technologies to discuss your specific requirements.