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ACULED® Family of Chip-on-Board
LED Packages


The ACULED® platform is a Chip-On-Board (COB) LED package based on a superior, “Through-Looking” mounting design. The ACULED® platform contains four separately-addressable LED chips and a fully tunable CCT, in an ultra-compact footprint delivering outstanding brightness and luminous efficacy. The ACULED® package is designed for high current applications and is fully RoHS-compliant.

Benefits of the ACULED® platform include excellent heat transfer from the chips to the substrate and heat sink, and its compact design with chips that are extremely closely-spaced, allowing for improved color mixing and compact optics.

The ACULED® Family is available as a standard product-line, the ACULED VHL, and as a flexible Design-Your-Own (DYO) LED Configuration. ACULED® VHL products have low thermal resistance by design and best-in-class heat sinking. The VHL line is available in a wide range of monochromatic wavelengths and various white spectra.

Excelitas' ACULED® DYO product line provides customers with the flexibility to “Design-Your- Own” LED configuration based on our ACULED® platform. You can choose from a long list of chip options including white chips, UV, IR and sensor chips to suit your specific lighting application requirements. Multiple secondary lens options and available high current drivers facilitate rapid prototyping and system implementation.

Typical applications for the ACULED® Family of COB LED Packages include:

Product List
E000525ACULED® LHS-AL25 - Lens SystemDatasheet
E000524ACULED Lens 22 degrees
E001703ACULED VHL IR 1Datasheet
E001698ACULED VHL UVDatasheet