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Advanced Electronic Systems

Delivering custom solutions demanding high-reliability,
precision, and efficiency.

Excelitas is a trusted leader in the design, manufacture and testing of advanced electronic systems and offers our customers a broad range of electronics-based solutions in which precision, high-reliability and efficiency are paramount, including: Power Systems; Energetic Safety Systems; Frequency Standards; and High-Energy Switching.

Power Systems. From communications and radar systems to avionics, shipboard electronics, and cargo screening, Excelitas specializes in power supplies designed and manufactured to stringent customer specifications where unique form factors, low noise and multiple outputs are needed. We have decades of experience providing custom designs, COTS and MOTS modules, build-to-print, and depot repair services.

Energetic Safety Systems. Excelitas’ energetic safety systems include a diverse array of pyrotechnic devices, cartridge and propellant actuated devices, optical initiators, electronic safe arm devices, firing modules, and rocket motor initiation safety devices. Excelitas maintains in-house energetic material and electronic system design and test capabilities, enabling the control of every facet of energetic safety system design and manufacturing, ensuring precise control of energetic applications.

Frequency Standards. Excelitas’ space-qualified rubidium atomic frequency standards technology was first launched aboard the U.S. Air Force Global Positioning System Block IIR satellite in July 1997 and remotely activated in August 1997, now marking 15 years of continuous, failure-free operation. 

High-Energy Switching. Excelitas’ hermetically-sealed high-energy switching devices include a broad range of standard and customer-specific thyratrons and spark gaps. For over 50 years we have been providing high quality, high-reliability devices for medical, industrial, defense, and security applications.

With 60 years of technical expertise and experience, we have built a proven and trusted heritage of leadership integrating advanced technology components into smart systems for some of the world’s most demanding military, aerospace, space, security, industrial, and medical applications.

We engage with our customers throughout the product lifecycle, providing expert technical input and program management excellence at each step along the way. Our entire product line is backed by Excelitas’ exceptional ISO9001 and AS9100-certifed design, production, and test capabilities. Every Excelitas product is engineered to deliver the best value, while meeting the highest customer and industry performance requirements.