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Borosilicate Glass

Flash Lamps with Borosilicate Glass

Excelitas is the premier flash lamp producer in the world for a wide range of applications. We actively participate in the advancement of flash lamp technology through extensive research in materials, technology and production processes.

Borosilicate glass or hard glass is used extensively for flash lamps operating under low average operating power. This includes signal beacons, low power stroboscopes and low power photographic applications such as camera flash guns or the built-in flash for digital point and shoot cameras.

There are four borosilicate glasses characterized by their exceptional resistance to the arc and by optical quality.

  • Borosilicate glass B1 (standard glass), ideal for automatic processing ability with many tube diameters available
  • Borosilicate glass B2, withstands approximately 30% more power than B1 but requires manual processing
  • Borosilicate glass B3 offers enhanced UV transparency with automatic processing ability similar to B1
  • Borosilicate glass B4 allows up to double the flash energy in photoflash applications compared to B1with similar automatic processing ability.

Hard glass can be coated with a yellow layer that absorbs the excessive blue radiation for photography applications. The color temperature is lowered by 1000 to 2000 K.

For special applications, flash tubes can be colored with a uniform and crack-free colored layer. Typical colors are red, blue, amber, green and purple.

Our highly skilled glass blowers know how to form this material in any shape applicable to flash lamp applications.

Excelitas takes pride in providing solid state and Xenon-based lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.