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CCD Linear Imagers

CCD Linear Imagers

For over 30 years, Excelitas has been the industry-leader in the design and manufacture of linear CCD arrays and line scan cameras.

Highlighting this history are the P-series and L-series linear imagers, the PT-series Time Delayed Integration (TDI) imager, and SB series Smart Blue digital line scan cameras.

The P-021 series linear image sensors offer a high performance solution to the demands of advanced imaging applications. This product family provides unparalleled performance in terms of resolution, speed, spectral response and sensitivity. Based on Excelitas’ advanced CCD technology, these imagers feature data rates to 40MHz, 5V clocking, and lag-free blue response in convenient single channel architecture. Sensors are available in array lengths of 512-, 1024-, 2048-, and 4096 elements, and provide linescan rates to 70 KHz.

L-series sensors consist of a linear array of silicon photodiodes, each connected to a MOS switch for readout controlled by an integrated shift register scanning circuit. Under external clock control, the shift register sequentially enables each of the switches directing the charge on the associated photodiode to an output line. A dummy output provides clock noise cancellation. The L-series devices are mounted in ceramic side-brazed 22-pin dual-inline packages with ground and polished fused silica windows. Configurations include 128-, 256-, 512- and 1024 elements of either 25um or 50um diode spacing.

The PT1109AAQ is a high performance TDI imager featuring 13um x 13um square TDI pixel design. It has 96 stages with 1024 pixels per line, ideal for stable imaging in both fast and low light applications. Eight extra stages are present at the front end of the sensor, built for adequate dark balancing. Data rate of 20MHz and line rates to 18.6 KHz is offered.

The SmartBlue™ cameras are cost effective digital linescan cameras, featuring a CameraLink™ digital interface. These cameras have geometrically precise photodiode CCD image sensor with 14 um square pixels with a resolution of 512 to 4096 pixels. The SmartBlue™ digital cameras are designed for high line rate applications with low to moderate light conditions and where small size, and low cost are required.