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Ceramic Body

Ceramic Body Cermax Lamps for Projection

Cermax® Xenon lamps from Excelitas are compact, ceramic body Xenon short-arc lamps. With an internal reflector and rugged ceramic body with metal-to-sapphire seal construction, these legacy Cermax® Xenon lamps are a safe and very compact alternative to conventional quartz bubble Xenon lamps for high-end projection applications.

Utilizing an integrated elliptical F1.0 or F1.3 reflector, Cermax® Xenon lamps produce high intensity, focused light. The two reflector choices give the optical designer ample opportunity to tailor the light output to the specific chip or aperture needs.

Due to the Xenon lamps’ broad color spectrum, these lamps excel at cinematic color performance in 6500o K or D65 color space. DC operation of the lamp ensures low noise performance with negligible image flicker over the lamp’s life.

Cermax® Xenon elliptical reflector lamps for projection applications have operating power ranges from 420 W to 2400 W. Typical applications include:

  • High-end Home Theater
  • Large screen data projection
  • Digital Cinema
  • Audio-visual Systems

Excelitas takes pride in providing Xenon-based and solid state lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.