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Cooling Solutions

Excelitas provides cooling and module solutions for all our Cermax® Xenon lamps.

From aluminum extruded heat sinks to copper brazed coolers, Excelitas has a lamp-optimized solution for your fan-cooled application.

Each heatsink cooling solution is packaged in an insulated housing with connectors to the Cermax® Xenon lamp, allowing for easy connection and replacement of the light engine.

Our metal-body lamp heat sink designs are an integral part of the lamp design and are the critical part of the thermal path. This design results in a cooling technology that eliminates variance through:

  • Eliminating thermal compound
  • Interference-fit rear heat sink assembly
  • Constant force front heat sink compression design

For those applications where water cooling is desired to achieve super low noise operation, custom water-cooled options are available.

Our metal-body lamp plus cooling solution can be engineered to retrofit our legacy ceramic body lamps and cooling solution - in the same or less space - with a reduction in airflow for lower operating noise.

Excelitas takes pride in providing Xenon and solid state based lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.