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Effect-Lighting & Strobes

Excelitas supplies a wide variety of high power Xenon flash lamps that are well-suited for high repetition rates in stroboscopic applications including theater and architectural effect lighting.

Today, with the world’s largest capacity for flash lamp production, Excelitas continues to invest in further development of innovative materials, smart new designs, and world-class lamps for demanding stroboscopic applications.

With Excelitas, perfect illumination for stroboscopic applications is just a phone call away.

Excelitas is committed to providing environmentally-conscious lighting solutions that improve the quality of the human experience. We take pride in providing solid state and Xenon-based products and solutions that help people live longer and healthier lives.

Did You Know?

Stroboscopic photography is a technique developed in 1932 by one of the fathers of high-speed photography, “Doc” Edgerton, one of the founders of EG&G. In 1946, Edgerton received the Medal of Freedom from the War Department in recognition for his efforts to develop strobe lamp technology powerful enough for aerial nighttime photography.