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Surgical Headlamps

Surgical Headlamps

Cermax® Xenon by Excelitas is a brand name virtually synonymous with demanding medical lighting applications such as surgical headlamps.

Excelitas is providing medical OEMs with high intensity, white light with numerous advantages of halogen, mercury, or quartz xenon lamps. With Excelitas illumination technology, you get perfect bright, white light for viewing the true colors of tissues and vasculature, allowing for accurate diagnosis. With Excelitas, perfect illumination is just a phone call away.

Excelitas is committed to providing environmentallyconscious lighting solutions that improve the quality of the human experience We take pride in providing solid state and Xenon-based products and solutions that help people live longer and healthier lives.

Did You Know?

Cermax® Xenon is found in virtually every major hospital in the world and more than 90% of leading OEMs are asking for Cermax® lamps and modules by name.

In addition, Excelitas is advancing fiber illuminator technology with solid state lighting sources to reduce time and costs for maintenance, improve energy-efficiency, and reduce heat output.