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Helical Shape

Helical Shape Flash Lamps

Excelitas is the premier flashlamp producer in the world for a wide range of applications.  We actively participate in the advancement of flash lamp technology through extensive research in materials, technology and production processes.

Our helix shape flashlamps are available in a few standard sizes and shapes for popular applications but can be customized to suit your needs.  This shape is suitable for circular reflector applications.

Since the helix shape requires in most cases a significant amount of forming, the envelope material is mostly limited to borosilicate glass.

Excelitas can provide complete customized plug-in solutions – lamps, sockets and integrated trigger coils.

Applications include:

  • Warning Beacons
  • Tower strobes
  • Aircraft landing lights
  • Emergency lights
  • Architectural and effects lighting

Excelitas takes pride in providing solid state and Xenon-based lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.

Product List
BH 0647 (G) (H)B1Application Note
BH 1670 NAS 2 (H)B1Application Note
BH 3798 TOM (H)B2Application Note
BHN 2640 (G)(H)B1Application Note
BHN 2640-1 (G)(H)B2Application Note
BHN 2647 (G)(H)B1Application Note
BHN 2647-1 (G)(H)B2Application Note
BHPN 2640 (G)(H)B2
BHPN 2640-1 (G)(H)B2
BHPN 2647B2
BHPN 2647-1 (G)(H)B2
CH 0601-5 (H)B1Application Note
CH 0601-7 (H)B1Application Note
DW 3670 SITO 4 (H)B1Application Note
DW 7701-1 (H)B1Application Note
DW 7703-1 (H)B1Application Note
DW 8790 LTE (H)Q1Application Note
SH 203 (H)B1Application Note
SH 204 (H)B1Application Note
SH 205 (H)B1Application Note
SW 503-1 (H)B1Application Note