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High Power Laser Diodes for Range Finding

Pulsed semiconductor lasers in the near IR are commonly used for long distance time-of-flight or phase-shift range finder systems. Excelitas offers a broad range of suited pulsed 905 nm lasers Lasers designs include multi cavity monolithic structures with up to 4 active areas per chip resulting in up to 100W of peak optical output power. Physical stacking of laser chips resulting in up to 300W of peak optical output power.

Chip on board assemblies are available for hybrid integration. A selection of 6 metal, hermetically sealed package types are available for harsh environment applications. A molded epoxy resin TO18 type package is available for high volume applications.

Critical parameters are pulse-width and rise/fall times. The pulse width may be reduced allowing for increased current drive and resulting in higher peak optical power. Quantum well laser design offers rise and fall times of < 1 ns however the drive circuit lay out and package inductance play the greater role and should be designed accordingly. Excelitas offers a variety of package types with different inductive values to assist to this end.

Our core competencies include: MOVPE wafer growth; wafer processing of the grown GaAs wafers; assembly using either epoxy or solder die attach; epoxy encapsulation of lasers mounted on lead frame; hermetically sealer product qualification to MIL STD and custom requirements.