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High Sensitivity Large Format Pixels for Spectroscopy

Excelitas' L-series CMOS linear photodiode arrays offer a high-quality, low-cost solution for spectroscopy and colorimetry applications in the 300–1000 nm range. The L-series family’s combination of high sensitivity, low dark current, low switching noise and high saturation charge provides excellent dynamic range and great flexibility in setting integration time. L-series sensors consist of a linear array of silicon photodiodes, each connected to a MOS switch for readout controlled by an integrated shift register scanning circuit. Under external clock control, the shift register sequentially enables each of the switches, directing the charge on the associated photodiode to an output line. A dummy output provides clock noise cancellation. L-series devices are mounted in ceramic side-brazed, 22-pin, dual-inline packages with ground and polished fused silica windows and are pin-compatible with earlier Excelitas SB and TB-series sensors. L-series models are available with pixel spacings of 25μm and 50μm and lengths from 128 to 1024 pixels. All models feature a 2500μm pixel aperture to simplify alignment in spectroscopic instruments.