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High Speed High Sensitivity Linear Cameras for Machine Vision

The SmartBlue™ digital linescan cameras incorporate the latest in photodiode array technology based on the industry standard Reticon® devices with state of the art electronics and a robust industrial camera housing. The linescan photodiode array is a pinned photodiode Charge Couple Device which allows for high sensitivity, fast readout, while maintaining high dynamic range, and low image lag. The SmartBlue cameras are cost effective high-performance digital linescan cameras, and feature a CameraLink™ digital interface. These cameras feature geometrically precise photodiode CCD image sensor with 14 μm square pixels with resolutions of 512, 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixels. This “next generation” array can achieve data rates up to 80MHz with superior noise immunity, precise linearity, and high CTE. The SmartBlue™ digital cameras are designed for high line rate applications with low to moderate light conditions and where small size, and low cost are required.