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Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions

For over 30 years, Excelitas has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of CCD arrays. Highlighting this history is the P-series linear imagers. You can depend on Excelitas' world-class global network of production, R&D, and distribution centers including Montreal, Canada; Wiesbaden, Germany; Singapore; Batam, Indonesia; and Shenzhen, China. We have customer service hubs on each continent to ensure just-in-time delivery.

We believe in forging an intimate partnership in which we are communicating proactively with you and refining our forecasts of your requirements to better serve you.

We have the detection technologies and capabilities needed to enhance and accelerate your OEM designs. Our R&D groups are focusing on new products and capabilities for your new and emerging applications. We pride ourselves on deep applications expertise to respond to and anticipate your detection requirements. Feel confident that you can discuss your requirements with our engineers. We thrive on your challenges and will always try to assist you with our know-how and experience.

We are sensing what you need.