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Industrial Laser Pumping

Due to their high intensity and brightness at short wavelengths, flash lamps are ideally suited as light sources for solid state laser pumping applications. Excelitas is the leading global supplier of flash lamps for various industrial solid-state laser pumping applications including:

  • Laser cutting and hole drilling
  • Laser welding
  • Laser marking
  • Surface treatment

From design to production, Excelitas consistently delivers high-performance, industry-leading photonics flash solutions for your most demanding industrial laser pumping applications. Our experience has been honed over many years and our robust electrodes and long flash lamp life are testimony to this experience-base.

We offer you a large manufacturing capacity. Importantly, Excelitas' photonics flash lamps for laser pumping applications are custom-designed to meet your exacting needs. When you work with Excelitas, you leverage the power of nine global illumination design and manufacturing sites in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Did You Know?

Customers can rely upon Excelitas' deep engineering expertise and we believe that you will find this to be a source of real differentiation. The top names in industrial lasers trust us and you can too.