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Infrared Emitting Diodes for High Volume Applications

Infrared Light Emitting Diodes

IREDs are solid state light sources emitting in the near infrared part of the spectrum. The emission wavelength is closely matched to the response peak of silicon photodiodes and phototransistors. The product line provides a broad range of mounting lens and power output options. Both end and side radiating cases are available. Wide arrays of emission beam profiles are available. Devices may be operated in either CW or pulsed operating modes.

IREDs can be combined with Excelitas detectors or phototransistors in integrated assemblies for optoisolators, optical switches and retro sensors. Optical isolators are useful when electrical isolation is required, for example to transmit control logic signals to high power switching circuits (which can be noisy). In an optical switch an object is detected when it passes between the IRED and detector / phototransistor, for example a coin counter. In a retro sensor an object is detected when the IRED emitted beam is reflected onto the detector/photodetector. The retro sensor is used in applications were the object changes the reflectance, for example detecting the end of a ply wood sheet or other manufactured material.

Our core competencies include: LPE wafer growth; wafer processing of the grown GaAs wafers; assembly using either epoxy die attach; epoxy encapsulation of the IRED LEDs on lead frame; hermetically sealed package.