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Laser Perimeter Scanning

At home, in your workplace or on the road, a safety-first mentality helps prevent accidents in our everyday lives. In work areas where dangerous machinery is being operated, extra measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of employees. One such safety measure is laser scanning. Using a pair of optical emitter and detector, an invisible light curtain is generated around a defined perimeter that needs to be monitored. Anyone entering this space will have an effect upon the signal seen by the detector; this can, for example, result in a machine shut-down if someone gets too close while the machine is in operation.

Excelitas offers both the emitter and detector expertise that you need to successfully develop such scanners with shortened time-to-market.

Did You Know?

The first light curtain for accident prevention on production machines was demonstrated in 1951. Factory automation now goes much further than this and optical sensors and emitters from Excelitas are at the very heart of the revolution.