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Lighting Solutions T​hat Enable Your Specialty Applications.

From solid state to Xenon, we deliver innovative, customized OEM lighting solutions for medical, dental, analytical instrumentation, safety, defense, entertainment, and a variety of industrial applications.

You may know us from our pulsed Xenon and short arc Xenon capabilities since first commercializing the technology in the 1940s for “freeze motion” applications. Today, we are the largest Xenon flash lamp supplier in the world. Our Cermax® Xenon brand is providing perfect, bright white light to surgical suites across the world. The benefit of this premium quality of light? You see true colors for accurate diagnoses.

From those foundations, we have literally reached for the stars from being the only company to put lights in space to providing 8,000 two meter tall flash tubes to power the largest star fusion laser in the world There is no such thing as a service call in space. As our customers say, “Excelitas really knows how to make lights that we can rely on.”

LEDs are driving change in many different industries, including yours. Reduced power consumption, better illumination, lower operating and maintenance costs,— these are but a few of the benefits you will gain by relying on our Custom LED Solutions.

From the surgical suite, to dental operatory, to outer space itself - Excelitas is committed to providing environmentally conscious lighting solutions that improve the quality of the human experience.

At Excelitas, everything begins with EXCEL.