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Medical Laser Pumping

Medical Laser Pumping

Due to their high intensity and brightness at short wavelengths, flash lamps are ideally suited as light sources for solid state laser pumping applications. Excelitas is the leading global supplier of flash lamps that pump solid-state laser applications such as for medical laser pumping.

Excelitas has deep laser pumping expertise including the following applications:

  • Ophthalmic laser surgical procedures
  • Dental procedures - soft tissue surgery and hard tissue procedures including pain-free drilling of enamel, caries removal, and cavity preparation
  • Gall stone removal
  • Aesthetic procedures including treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation, hair management, and pigmented lesions treatment.

The lasing medium determines the monochromatic output wavelength which, in turn, determines the absorption behavior and the light penetration depth in the tissue.

Customers can rely upon Excelitas' deep medical laser pumping engineering expertise and we believe that you will find this to be a source of real differentiation. The top names in medical lasers trust us and you can too.

We offer you a large manufacturing capacity, lamp customization, our well-known Series 2000 cathodes, and a brand name you can continue to depend on. When you work with Excelitas, you leverage the power of nine global illumination design and manufacturing sites in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Excelitas is committed to providing environmentally conscious lighting solutions that improve the quality of the human experience. We take pride in providing solid state and Xenon-based products and solutions that help people live longer and healthier lives.

Did You Know?

Excelitas has been involved in ophthalmic laser applications since the 1990s.