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Motion Detection

All warm bodies, including human beings, emit infrared radiation. Depending on the temperature of the emission source, a different peak wavelength will characterize the emission profile. Infrared sensors can detect this radiation and give out a signal indicating a variation in ambient conditions. A person can therefore be detected and certain tasks performed automatically such as activating a hand dryer or opening a door.

Excelitas has gained worldwide recognition for the design and production of its growing range of high-performance pyroelectric detectors and thermopile detectors. We understand infrared sensing and we are committed to helping you solve your infrared detection challenges.

Did You Know?

The normal body temperature for a human is on average 36.8oC. Body temperature is typically higher for cats and dogs, ranging from 38oC to 40oC, depending on the breed. This difference translates into a shift in peak wavelength of about 100 nm between these two emission profiles.