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OmniCure® LX Series System Accessories

Various accessories are available for OmniCure® UV LED MAX Heads allowing customers to tailor a system to their needs.  A range of interchangeable LED focusing lenses and optional head extension cables offer flexibility in light delivery (i.e. UV spot size and irradiance level) in addition to simplifying manufacturing process integration.

Featured UV LED Lenses and Accessories

UV LED Head Lenses

LED Head Focusing Lenses

Interchangeable LED focusing lenses allow control over UV spot size and irradiance level to meet the needs of your specific application.

UV LED head extension cable

LED Head Extension Cables

Extension cables allow manufacturing process engineers to accommodate applications where the UV curing station needs to be further away from the controller.


LED Head Mounting Clamps

The precision machined mounting clamp is designed for installation versatility. The mounting clamp slides easily over the UV LED head and is secured with a single screw.