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Light Sources

PAX Family of Xenon Light Engine Modules

With the PAX Family, OEM customers get "plug-and-play," pre-aligned and calibrated pulsed Xenon Light Engine Modules.

These compact, integrated solutions contain the flash lamp, trigger circuit, and power supply in an EMI-suppressant enclosure.

The PAX Family was designed with our customers in mind offering simple snap and pre-aligned modules. No more need for nuts, bolts or screws to assemble.

Available in two arc orientations, the PAX’s pre-aligned arc position allows for “plug and play” field replacement, eliminating alignment time and reducing OEMs’ costs and machine down time.

The PAX Family consists of the PAX-10, PAX 10M, LS-6 and the newest µPAX-2. The PAX Family utilizes Excelitas' high stability short arc Xenon flash lamps. Known for their stability and long life characteristics, these Xenon lamps generate light over a continuous spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared.

The PAX Family of compact, precision-aligned Xenon light engine modules is the ideal choice for clinical diagnostic, invitro diagnostics, life sciences, drug discovery, proteomics, and analytical instrumentation applications.

Excelitas takes pride in providing specialty lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.

Product List
µPAX-2Compact Precision Aligned Xenon - 2WDatasheet
LS-6Pulsed Xenon Light Source – 6WDatasheet
PAX-10Precision-aligned Pulsed Xenon Lightsource – 10-WattDatasheet
PAX-10MPrecision-aligned modular Pulsed Xenon Lightsource with remote flash head – 10-WattDatasheet