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Cermax® Systems – Power Supplies

Cermax Power Supplies

Excelitas' Cermax® Xenon arc lamp power supplies are innovative power supplies designed for the specialty lighting industry. They are used in a wide variety of high-performance applications including medical, dental, endoscopy, industrial, and image projection.

Our Power Supplies meet Excelitas' Cermax® Xenon ceramic and metal body short-arc lamp requirements and adhere to stringent reliability and safety standards.

Cermax® Xenon Power Supplies are matched with an ultra-long life igniter, suitable for dental and other applications requiring a very high number of ignitions.

Excelitas has strengthened its portfolio of Cermax® Xenon Power Supplies with the recent acquisition of Carsan Engineering. With a 25-year proven track record of excellence, Carsan has designed and developed a wide variety of arc lamp power supplies that are being used in products delivered by many of the world’s leading medical OEMs. Carsan’s significant experience in arc lamp power supply technology has distinguished them as a leader in the fiber optic illumination industry.

Read the Press Release announcing Excelitas' acquisition of Carsan Engineering.

Product List
Expand/Collapse Lamp Type : Xenon ‎(5)
CE260 AXE, BXE, CXE12.0-17.0 Vdc12.0-22.0 Adc150-190W
CE300 AXE, BXE, CXE12.0-17.0 Vdc17.0-22.0 Adc270-315WDatasheet
CEP300 AXE, BXE, CXE, FXE12.0-17.0 Vdc17.0-22.0 Adc270-315WDatasheet
CEP301 AXE, BXE, CXE, AHX, BHX, CHX - 12V10.0-25.0 Vdc4.0-22.0 Adc75-300WDatasheet
CEP301 AXE, BXE, CXE, AHX, BHX, CHX - 24V10.0-25.0 Vdc​4.0-22.0 Adc75-300WDatasheet
Expand/Collapse Lamp Type : Metal Halide ‎(2)
CEP301 AHG, BHG, CHG, AMH, BMH, CMH - 12V10.0-40.0 Vdc​  4.0-10.0 Vdc75-300WDatasheet
CEP301 AHG, BHG, CHG, AMH, BMH, CMH - 24V10.0-40.0 Vdc​4.0-10.0 Adc75-300WDatasheet
Expand/Collapse Lamp Type : Mercury-Xenon ‎(4)
CE200 AHX, BHX, CHX12.0-28.0 Vdc7.0-9.0 Adc175-220WDatasheet
CE260 AHX, BHX, CHX20.0-25.0 Vdc8.0-15.0 Adc910-210WDatasheet
CE300 AHX, BHX, CHX20.0-25.0 Vdc13.0-18.0 Adc270-315WDatasheet
CEP300 AHX, BHX, CHX20.0-30.0 Vdc13.0-18.0 Adc270-315WDatasheet