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Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors and Sensors

Pyroelectric Detectors and Sensors

Excelitas offers a wide range of Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors in both digital and analog models. DigiPyro® is the industry’s one and only truly digital pyroelectric infrared detector family. The DigiPyro® Family is setting the standard in digital motion and presence detection.

Excelitas offers a complete range of DigiPyro® pyroelectric infrared detectors in TO metal housings including our dual-element models, PYD 1788 and 1798; four-element, PYQ 2898 and PYQ 5848; as well as "Smart" DigiPyro® models, PYD 1096 and PYQ 1098, with total motion electronics integration.

Excelitas has also introduced new SMD Pyroelectric Detectors to facilitate high-volume,
SMT-compatible production in key motion and presence detection applications, including intrusion alarm systems and energy-saving motion-activated automatic light switches.

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Did you know that Excelitas’ new PYD 5790 is a dual-element pyro in a ceramic-type SMD package that is the smallest of its kind on the market? Contact us to learn more about our new pyroelectric infrared detectors in SMD for enabling automated, high-volume production for IR sensing applications.

Product List
LHi 1128Ceiling Mount Pyro
PYQ 1398Ceiling Mount Pyro
PYQ 5868DigiPyro® Dual Channel
PYQ 2898DigiPyro® Dual Channel
PYS 3828Dual Channel DigiPyro®
PYS 3428Dual Channel Pyro
PYS 3228Dual Channel Pyro
PYD 1096Dual Element "Smart DigiPyro®"
LHi 968Dual Element Detector
PYD 1398Dual Element Detector
PYQ 1098Four Element "Smart DigiPyro®"
PYQ 1488Four Element Detector
LHi 1148Four Element Detector
PYS 4198High Sensitivity Pyro
LHi 807High Sensitivity Single Channel Pyro
LHi 778Low Cost Pyro
PYD 1388Low Cost Pyro
LHi 878Low Cost Pyro
LHi 874Low Profile Pyro
LHi 944Low Profile Pyro
PYD 5731Miniature Dual Element DigiPyro®
PYD 5131Miniature Dual Element Pyro
PYS 3798Single Channel DigiPyro®