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RSL Family

RSL 3100 compact, low-cost light source

Excelitas’ RSL-2100 and RSL-3100 family of compact, low-cost light sources offer exceptional arc stability, microsecond flash duration and long life characteristics, making these an excellent choice for analytical instruments, military system and portable instrument applications where LEDs and other light sources fail.

The RSL-2100 is a miniature, pulsed Xenon system with broadband spectrum from UV to IR. The system operates at up to 2 watts and produces high peak intensities from 200-1100+ nm.

The RSL-3100 offers all the features and benefits of the original RSL-2100 in addition to SMA connector flexibility, intensity control and reduced EMI, all in a small package designed to meet CE directives.

Along with a standardized "D-Sub" connector, various window options and optimized lamp alignment, the RSL-3100 meets the most demanding system requirements.

Excelitas takes pride in providing Xenon and solid state based lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.

Product List
RSL-2100-1Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-2100-2Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-2100-3Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-3100-10Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-3100-11Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-3100-20Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-3100-21Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-3100-30Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-3100-31Miniature Xenon Flashlamp SystemDatasheet
RSL-3101-10Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3101-11Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3101-20Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3101-21Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3101-30Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3101-31Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3102-10Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3102-11Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3102-20Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3102-21Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3102-30Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System
RSL-3102-31Miniature Xenon Flashlamp System