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Short-Arc Xenon Capabilities

Excelitas has brought together a unique combination of capabilities and expertise that enable us to meet the requirements of demanding short-arc Xenon lighting applications starting from our Cermax® lamp with cooling, end-user replaceable modules all the way to full system implementation. Our extensive team of plasma physicists, optical designers, thermal-mechanical engineers, electronics engineers and manufacturing test engineers allow us to design, develop and produce truly unique and innovative solutions.

Excelitas designs and manufactures custom Cermax® short-arc Xenon lamps or customizes proven designs in the field with custom filters, cooling, optics, sensors and electronics controls.

We specialize in high performance optical designs where precision is important to maximize the optical efficiency and maintain the color accuracy of the Cermax® solution through the use of state-of-the art optical modeling software such as Zemax® and TracePro®.

At Excelitas we understand how important thermal design and cooling flow analysis is for an effective short-arc Xenon system solution. We have extensive experience in measuring lamp operating temperature and utilize sophisticated thermal modeling software such as CFdesign® and ProMechanica® to design a thermal management system that will keep your custom Cermax® solution within safe operating temperatures to guarantee a long lifetime and maintain even light output for the life of the product. Advanced precision 3D mechanical engineering through pro-Engineer®, SolidWorks® or Inventor®, minimizes design tolerances and improves manufacturing consistency. This means increased optical efficiency, less production rework and economical solutions. Excelitas is able to provide custom power supplies and control circuitry for light output control, color filter actuation and system user interface to meet your application needs.

Excelitas takes pride in providing solid state and Xenon based lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.