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Smoke Detection-Safety and Security

Smoke Detection

Today, protecting the environment is one of our most serious global concerns. Whether from industrial combustion, smelting and other metal processing, construction and other demolition activities, or forest fires to name just a few sources, there are numerous contributors to smoke emitted into the air.

Various detection methods can be used to detect these smokes and gaseous emissions, from classic optoelectronic reflection methods to gas sensing using the infrared (IR) absorption method.

Excelitas has the IR absorption technology expertise and range of optoelectronics components to detect smoke and deleterious gas levels. Excelitas detectors and sensors are playing a vital role in making our environment safer, more secure, and healthier.

Did You Know?

Smoke emissions not only create a negative impact on the environment but, over one’s lifetime, can also have a deleterious impact on human health, particularly in at-risk individuals.