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Space Vehicle Lighting

Space Lighting

Excelitas is a world leader in the design and manufacture of reliable space vehicle lighting that is designed to perform in the harsh conditions of space. For over 35 years numerous spacecraft and associated platforms and programs have benefitted from our space vehicle lighting.

The Space Shuttle, International Space Station, ESA Automated Transfer Vehicle, and JAXA H-II Transfer Vehicle all use our space vehicle lighting for a variety of interior, payload and navigation lighting requirements. Our specialized space lighting technologies are qualified to meet or exceed rigorous STS and ISS program specifications and any additional European and Japanese space program requirements.

Over 35 years of space lighting experience, a history of successful space shuttle missions and long term International Space Station operation proves our performance and reliability with several space-qualified lighting technologies including:

  • Fluorescent ISS interior lights Space Shuttle interior lights
  • Halogen SSRMS & Japanese Equipment Module Camera Lights Shuttle RMA & MFD Camera Lights
  • Metal Halide ISS exterior lights Space Shuttle Payload Bay Floodlights
  • Incandescent Automated Transfer Vehicle Navigation Lights H-II Transfer Vehicle Navigation Lights
  • Shuttle Manned Maneuvering Unit and Tethered Satellite