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Spark Gaps

Spark Gaps

Excelitas is a leading supplier of hermetically sealed, ceramic to metal spark gaps used in defense and aerospace applications requiring reliable switching performance. There are 4 different types of gaps which we manufacture and produce: Spark gaps, Mini Triggered Spark Gaps, Overvoltage Spark Gaps, and Triggered Vacuum Spark Gaps.

Spark Gaps

Excelitas Spark Gaps cover the triggered spark gaps which consists of three electrodes in a hermetically sealed, pressurized envelope. Their applications involve capacitor switching at low impedance levels.

Triggered Spark Gaps

Excelitas' Triggered Spark Gaps are a family of versatile high voltage switches. They consist of three electrodes in a hermetically sealed, pressurized ceramic envelope. Triggered Spark Gaps are generally characterized by a peak current capability of thousands to tens of thousands of amperes, delay times of tens of nanoseconds, arc resistance of tens of milliohms and inductance of 5 to 30 nanohenries. They are suitable for capacitor switching applications such as flashlamps, medical lithotripters, and as crowbar protection devices.

Overvoltage Spark Gaps

Excelitas' Overvoltage Spark Gaps are a family of rugged ceramic-metal hermetically sealed switches for voltages ranging from 500 volts to 100 kV. These switches have peak current capabilities of up to 50kA. There are ideal for protecting equipment from damaging high voltage surges when they are used in “crowbar” applications. They are also suitable for capacitor switching applications. The OGP-series offer the broadest operating range, while the PGP and PB series offer fast switching for high dv/dt applications. The PB series is intended for direct mounting on printed circuit boards.

Triggered Vacuum Spark Gaps

The Triggered Vacuum Spark Gaps are ideal high-voltage switches for applications where a wide operating voltage range is desired. The low end of the Voltage (SBV). Operating ranges from 300 volts to 80 kilovolts are possible. Switching times of less than 1 microsecond may be achieved when using a suitable trigger. These switches are commonly used in “crowbar” circuits for protection against overvoltage conditions.